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Wildlife PaParazzi
Welcome to my page.

First off let me warn visitors that these pages
may contain
kill photos.

My name is Brian McMillen and I live in
Lacombe county, Alberta, Canada, which is 1
1/2 hrs. drive south of Edmonton, Alberta.
From a very young age I spent copius amounts
of time in the outdoors, a passtime which I've
continued to this day. I usually had a dog,
camera and gun with me and left home without
a destination, just huntin' for something to see
or find. I learned young the names of all birds
and plants, and never killed anything unless it
was a spieces I was allowed to.
I travel alone, and packing a camera is the
best medium to share one's experiences. It is
the hardest form of hunting- in that so much is
against you - the light, slow speed fire up,
focus and distance from subjects are just
some of the drawbacks. It also has it's rewards
such as
sharing the events with others. I've held
shows at schools and halls around the country
and try to show the abundance of Alberta and
what's here, should one be a "hunter." I also
enjoy hunting with a metal detector,
eyeballing things like arrowheads and
searching for shed antlers.
With me, the hunt is on... checkout my page.

Wide and High...I was extremely
pleased to stalk this antelope
with friend Duane Rosenkranz,
who filmed the kill which was
used on my "Extra Wild Alberta"
My two DvD covers